About Us

Institute of Socioeconomic Research and Development (ISRD) is an independent, non-profit research organization established in 2019 A.D. It aims to address the contemporary policy challenges, such as the gaps between policy and practice, and to influence public policy through rigorous scientific research, policy innovation, analysis and dialogues. ISRD is  a dynamic firm that grasps the increasing need of research and consulting services for government, bilateral and multilateral organizations. The firm provides sustainable, innovative and cutting-edge solutions to the government, development partners, academic institutions, projects and programs based both in Nepal and abroad to help them achieve results through support in planning, management, research/monitoring/evaluations and policy promotion works. It has been playing an important role in consulting services for  the development sector. ISRD is committed to rigorous, intellectually open, and in depth study and discussion. It attempts to anticipate emerging issues and present ideas in useful, accessible shapes, to inform and shape public dialogues.

ISRD has developed its in-house capacity over the years and has created a network of experts dedicated to providing quality services. People with high-level social standing at the local level with strong professional orientations  education, health, economic policy analysis, infrastructure building, institutional support and governance, environment science, rural development, agriculture, gender equality, lagging class empowerment, and organizational development and management are supporting the organization.

ISRD was borne out of the need to bridge the gap caused by paucity of rigorous empirical research that affects the quality of policies implemented in Nepal. It addresses social and economic constraints while seeking opportunities for poverty reduction and sustainable development. Our experts and consultants identify and implement appropriate action plans to reduce economic barriers and build on opportunities.