Research and Policy Analysis

Public Policy Dialogue and Debate

ISRD organizes public policy debates in which different stakeholders discuss issues of public concern and come up with recommendations. We organize the annual research conference through which new evidence on policies is presented to the distinguished stakeholders including high-level government officials and policy makers. The conference also attracts development partners, civil society, academia and research and media. ISRD also organizes workshops, focus group discussions and seminars all aimed at disseminating research evidence and collecting feedback from the stakeholders.

Research Capacity Building

  • Research Assistance Program
ISRD provides research fellowship opportunities to enhance research capacities and skills of early and mid-career researchers and students under the supervision of our senior experts . 
  •  Internship Program


With little more to show than a determination to achieve significant results, the organization has since gone on to become an important player in the development consulting services arena. ISRD has developed its in-house capacity over the years and has created a network of experts dedicated to providing quality services. ISRD is a dynamic firm that grasps the increasing need for research and consulting services for government, bilateral and multilateral organizations. The organization provides its clients with tailored consulting advice and appropriate approaches drawn from cases originating from various countries. Development professionals and practitioners having expertise and experience in different fields are involved in the organization. 

ISRD has successfully accomplished more than dozen development related projects and around half dozen small scale research activities since its inception.