Shyam Kumar Thapa

Shyam Kumar Thapa is an aspiring Economic Analyst. Currently, he serves as Research Associate at ISRD where he works at the intersection of Economic Policy, Trade and Development. Mr. Thapa is also associated with NIMS College as a faculty member and his teaching assignments include management and economic courses like International Business, Business Environment, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Mr. Thapa is eager to be engaged in evidence based policy making and working with multidisciplinary teams. He has extensive work experience in program designing and strategy, implementing interdisciplinary impact evaluation studies, working with multiple stakeholders, partners and donor agencies to deliver high quality research projects at scale. He also worked as Daayitwa Public Service Fellow at Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security. His area of expertise and interests includes
macroeconomics with the focus on Fiscal Policy, Economic Growth, International trade and investment, Public economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Public policy analysis and Private sector development.
Mr. Thapa holds dual degree MA in Economics and Masters in Business Studies from Tribhuvan University and has a BA in Economics and Political Science.